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I have always had a preference for this photograph from the moment I took it. I often use it to talk about my work because it defines me as an artist. It’s a clear example of what it is that I’m looking for and what criteria I use when it’s time to capture an image.

Overall, it’s an image that gives me tranquility when I look at it. The elements are very well defined and bring serenity to the scene. Georgie is standing at the focal point, in the space between the islands of Es Vedra, and her posture and position add harmony to the composition. The fact that she has her back turned to us also adds a bit of mystery to the story.

Behind her, we see Es Vedra, which is such an iconic symbol of Ibiza. Everyone falls in love with this view. I particularly like working in here because it’s a very versatile place that offers a lot possibilities, which is always a plus. And the light during the sunset is simply ideal for this kind of photograph.

I also have a particular attachment to this photo because it was the first time I used an Olympus. I remember perfectly the camera I used, an EM-1 an old camera.

Most couples I work with have one thing in common, they love photography and many of them are in professions that share a common language with photography. They are either architects, painters, engineers, builders or creators, so we often share fantastic conversations about aesthetics, composition, volume and geometry.

All these elements, shape a photographs. There are the technical components, the scene, the light, the compositions, but there is also the connection you build with your subjects. To me one of the most crucial element to my photography, the one constant that informs me the most is working through the lens of empathy. Every photograph has to come from the heart.