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The true driving force behind my work as a photographer is a desire to build genuine relationships with people, and part of that means not only capturing amazing photographs of your wedding but also making sure you have a wonderful experience throughout the process as well. For that very reason, I want to share with you a few insights I’ve gathered in my experience as a wedding photographer that I hope can be helpful to you.



Photography is the most ideal medium to record experiences. It has the power to suspend in time our most important memories, and a wedding celebration is one of those moments worthy of being captured in great detail.

Selecting a professional photographer is therefore of outmost importance. A wedding photographer today has to be much more than a photographer, she has to be an artist acquainted with both classical concepts of art and composition as well as contemporary trends and styles.


Choosing a qualified professional that specialises in wedding photography requires taking many things into consideration. For me, the following 5 elements are the most important:

– Multidisciplinary expertise

I consider wedding photography an art form in its own right. It requires expertise in multiple disciplines. It is part photojournalism, part fashion photography, and part portrait photography. It requires switching from covering a press conference to a fashion show to documenting an adventure, to illuminating an architectural marvel, to capturing a breathtaking landscape, and it is all done at once.

In wedding photography, there are no second chances, so it is undoubtedly something that must be handled by a qualified and experienced professional.

– Exclusive attention and commitment

When you contract a wedding photographer make sure the artist you are hiring, the person whose work you appreciate, is actually the one who will be present photographing your wedding. Photography Studios often have a team of photographers who work under the main artist’s brand and name. They may follow specific style guidelines, but you are not always guaranteed the exclusive presence of the artistic director since they may have been contracted to more than one even that same day.

I work exclusively with you. Once a contract is signed, the date is immediately reserved and blocked out. That is my assurance that I will be present exclusively at your wedding as the main photographer. I do work with a team of professional photographers that attend the events with me, but they do not work for me under my brand, they contribute to my work.

– Charisma, empathy and connection
Your wedding photographer is the one person with whom you will spend the most time with during your actual wedding day, so it is supremely important that you have good chemistry with that person. I personally love taking all the necessary time to get to know you and for you to tell me your story. From the very first day, my goal is to make sure you see me as much more than your wedding photographer but as someone you can completely count on and trust.

* As a side note, keep in mind that because I always work exclusively for a wedding as the main photographer and the artistic director, the calendar tends to fill up a year or even two in advance (specially if the date falls on a Saturday during high season).

– Complete involvement

Most weddings have elements in common that are always captured by the photographer, the setting-up of the reception, the arrival, the ceremony, the speeches, the party, etc. But every wedding is also exquisitely unique with its own style, aesthetics and rhythms. You need a wedding photographer who will take the time to plan every detail, who will be willing to get to know you, your likes and dislikes, and all the specifics of your day.

From the very first moment I receive a wedding request, I maintain a close relationship with you. I always make sure that that you know I am not just your photographer but a constant source of support before, during and after the event.

A few weeks before the wedding, once all the details of the events have been finalised, I send you a short questionnaire so you can tell me, first hand, details I’ll have to keep in mind the day of; like who is part of your immediate family, are there any planned surprises, guests of particular importance to you… In other words, everything that is important and relevance to you. This way, I can plan ahead for key moment and capture them from the best possible angle, light and perspective.

My doors are always open. I always encourage people I’m working with to not hesitate and contact me in order to share details of the wedding dress, make-up, hair style.
For a photographer, all those details should be of outmost importance before every shoot, specially anything pertaining to aesthetics.

We signed the Gema Romero-Team to shoot our wedding in Mallorca. From the very frst call, we clicked with Gema, so much that statement “we loved her” was made, after just one call. This is exactly how she works – Dynamics – are at the core of the way-of-work for Gema and her team. On the wedding day, her unique methodology of working made not only us as a couple feel at ease and natural, but also did the guests and our most camera-shy family members feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Gema very quickly stood out from all other photographers we considered. She is present in person at every pre-meeting, every shoot and handles the creation of our portfolio herself. Every meet-up is fun and exciting, it even takes away some to the unavoidable planning stress.

Her energy is key, but she is not only fun, she loves her work and takes it seriously. She had learned all our family members and close friends names, and made the genuine effort to get to know us so that she could shout THE moments. In fact, she captured an image that without any words carries our life.

Gema and her Team are a true gem, and we would choose them a thousand times over.

Nathalie and Gustaf


– The final product

It’s crucial that you see samples of the photographer’s finished work for two very important reasons: You need to see how they’ve captured weddings in the past, their style, their approach; but you also need to see and experience how your wedding will be encapsulated in a final product, how will your memories survive for future generations to experience.

Decades after your wedding, the photo album will be the only thing you’ll have to remember and share. When I work, I like to think about the fact that I am not just taking photographs for you to enjoy in the future, but also for future generations to experience Today’s photographs are tomorrow’s memories.

During our first meeting, I will show you a sample of the ArtBook, our contemporary rendition of the photo album, which is always exclusively designed by me. It will give you a comprehensive insight into how I shoot, how I to captures all the precious moments that take place before, during and after a wedding and how I present them in a format that goes well beyond a collection of photographs. Believe me, your ArtBook will be a work of art that will grow in value as the year go by.



Your wedding is the most important moment of your lives and it deserves to be planned with care and attention by a qualified professional. There are a lot of details that have to be taken into account, so organisation is key in order to coordinate all the providers and for everything to be executed according to plan. A wedding planner is an orchestra director and you need them to be as experienced and capable as possible.

Choosing a professional and experienced wedding planner is extremely important not just for your own pease of mind, but also for that of all your providers and, of course, me. In the same way that I like to build a close working relationship with you, I work very closely with wedding planners and lend my help and support in anything that may be required. I always get in touch months before a wedding to be able to closely follow all the details.



-To do or not to do an engagement photoshoot

I always recommend doing an engagement photoshoot. With the right photographer, an engagement photoshoot can be a wonderful experience. I consider it a very special moment because it entails capturing the essence of who you are as a couple in a genuine and timeless way. I love planning these sessions with a lot of care because it is the first time you will be in front of my camera. I walk you through all the details and help you find the right style, location and time of day… I particularly love capturing these photos under the golden light of the setting sun.

My approach to engagement photoshoots always involves ending the session under candlelights at a restaurant with fantastic views. That’s when I take the last photographs and I depart to let you enjoy the rest of the evening together in the most romantic setting. As a side note, since I live in the Balearic Islands, I have a list of highly recommended restaurants where the attention and the views are exquisite.

-Wear comfortable shoes the day of your couple’s photoshoot

Make sure your photographer tells you exactly where you’ll be going and what to expect (distance, walking surface, climate, etc.), so you can plan your outfits and shoes accordingly.

I dedicate a lot of time and care on planning the location and scene for each photo session because I know it is important for you too.

A lot of ideal locations have the inconvenience of being in a steep area that do require some time to get to In these situations, I recommend doing the couple’s photoshoot after the wedding day or using that location for an engagement photoshoot.

One of the advantages of the balearic islands is their incomparable landscape. I usually opt for locations with a distinct mediterranean personality and ocean views. They have to be comfortable as well, which means easy access and not too remote. Once we are there, shoes should not be a problem.

I tend to recommend shoes with flare heels. They are an ideal option because they are comfortable on beach sand and the irregular surfaces usually found near cliffs, and aesthetically work well in photographs.

If your first choice is a stiletto heel, I recommend bringing them as an additional pair and using them only during the photoshoot and the reception. Make sure to try your wedding shoes on with the dress before the actual wedding day.

-Choose a picturesque location to get ready the day of the wedding.

Capturing the process of getting ready entails taking close-up pictures of people, but the art of photography requires that we pay close attention to the backdrop as well, since it will help contextualise the event and provide depths to the stories.

The day of the wedding begins wherever you start getting ready, so it’s important to choose a place that is inspiring and where you will feel comfortable. Whenever possible, select a location that has ample space, that is quiet, full of natural light, and that fits the aesthetics of your wedding.

To remind:
As a resident of the Balearic Islands, I have a list of recommendations for dining where the attention and views are exquisite.

My approach to this particularly intimate moment is to begin by taking portraits during the make-up session, because it’s a moment when I can captures very delicate and feminine scenes, and then proceed to the other details and the process of you getting dressed.

I always invite the bride and groom to not hesitate and contact me or send me pictures of where they plan to get ready, so I can offer my input and advice. I always suggest visiting the location before the actual wedding day to make sure it fits your requirements and expectations.

-Never underestimate de importance of group family photos

I never publish group or family photos in my social media feeds, which doesn’t mean that I don’t take them, on the contrary. The family photos are extremely important. Great group photos requires taking the necessary time to plan ahead in order to get the right people in the right place at the right time. This also means knowing exactly who these people are, why are they important to you and and how to avoid any potential delicate situations. I personally also like to pay close attention to all the aesthetic details and make sure all those present are captured in the most favourable manner.

When the time to take the group family photos comes, the questionnaire I send before the wedding day, becomes incredibly important. That is where you will let me know who is part of your close circle of relatives and friends, and how you’d like for them to be grouped together. I always bring that questionnaire with me and use it as a pivotal guide.



If for you the sky is limit, the Value Experience is the most ambitious proposal I offer.

With my team, I have designed a complete wedding photo experience: 4 artists dedicated exclusively to your wedding day. Would you like to meet them?

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